Buy foldable mosquito net online at affordable price

Buy foldable single and double mosquito net at affordable prices:
Here we sell best quality foldable single and double mosquito net at affordable price.

Mosquito nets are important than internet. It saves your life from life threatening diseases such as dengue. It protects you from insects bite. It gives you a relaxed sound sleep without any disturbance. Single foldable mosquito nets can be used for adults or children. Double mosquito net can be used for couples, mom and child, or children. 

Benefit of foldable Mosquito Net

  • Easily foldable
  • Best quality nets used.
  • You can carry it to anywhere you go. Can be used in indoors and outdoors.
  • No Suffocation, Healthy, Safe for Children.
  • Usable on cot or floor, no fixtures required.
  • Ideal for Homes, Hotels, Travel, Outdoors.
  • Works during power failure unlike mats & Liquidator.
  • Size - single adult/couple.
  • Price fits all budgets.

Mosquito nets will bring health and happiness to your home....!!!

About :
Foldable mosquito nets can be used in both indoors and outdoors. This mosquito net is  suitable for all. It can be used over the bed, on the floor, garden, terrace,  business trip, travelling. It can also be used outdoors as a tent during camping and you will not have mosquitoes to bother you. It can also  protect you from spiders, cockroach, beetles,  and other annoying bugs and insects. Mosquitoe nets gives  a pleasant sleep to you and your child as well.
This mosquito net has a full mesh stitched to base sheet at the bottom, which provides entirely maximum protection and study structure. It's perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.
COLOUR : Many colours available such as pink, orange, green, violet, etc.  The mosquito net is very flexible to bend. So you can easily fold(close) and unfold(open).
100% polyester.  The toughness of the steel, solid piping & double interlocking (in and out) keeps the net in a perfect shape at all times.
Single good quality zipper allows you unzip/zip from the inside and out. Set up takes only a few seconds.

Single mosquito net:
 LENGTH : 210 cm, 
Width :110cm, 
HEIGHT : 90cm,
 WEIGHT : 2 Kg 
It can accommodate one single adult. 

Double Mosquito Net:
LENGTH: 180 cm, 
Width :180cm,
 HEIGHT : 150cm, 

It can accomodate Two or more people.

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